Rescue from harmful traditional practices

Located in the heart of East Pokot, the community here believes that FGM is an important rite of passage that marks the transition from childhood to adulthood. The cut is performed on girls aged 10 to 17. Vigorous anti FGM campaigns have been carried out by various government and non government organizations and the young girls continue to get enlightened on the harmful effects of the practice.
Cana Girls Rescue home works with the government structures such as the local administration, police, children’s department and the courts to rescue girls from Female Genital Mutilation, Forced Early Child Marriages, child defilement and child labour. With the help and donations from well wishers, we provide a home environment for the girls seeking refuge most of who have been on the run for days after escaping the cut. The police, courts and the children’s department also seek admission for rescued girls at Cana Girls.
Our efforts are however facing great challenges as our resources are limited. Sometimes we are called to rescue girls from far and having no means of transport across the vast East Pokot is in many cases a hindrance to of efforts.


Home Care

Having been rescued from FGM or running away from home to escape the cut, the girls need a place they can call home. They need the basic needs of shelter, food and clothing. At Cana Girls we have hostels that have the capacity of hosting 60 girls. The girls spend an average Ksh 180,000 per month on food items, personal effects and medical care excluding school fees. To fight FGM, protect the girls from forced marriages and provide good care services to the rescued girls we are humbly asking for support. Support can be inform of food stuff donations, sanitary towels, personal effects, clothing and funds to build more hostels, the available ones are already full.


Education sponsorship

Cana girls are taken through formal education system so as to empower and enable them pursue their careers of choice to become dependable members of the society.

The girls in primary school study at local primary schools where they require school uniforms, school supplies and hot lunch. This costs approximately 50 dollars a year.

When they join high school, they attend boarding schools where they require school fees, school uniforms, school fees, and upkeep for their schooling. Each girl requires 700 dollars a year for secondary education.

You can sponsor a girl in either primary or secondary school.


Mentorship, guiding and counseling

Subjection to Female Genital Mutilation, Early Marriages and forced labor cause trauma and psychological distress to the girls. In some instances, the girls run away from home, travelling for many kilometers to Cana Girls Rescue Home so as to escape the cut. Others are rescued just before they are cut while others are unlucky and get through the pain of F.G.M.

Cana Girls Rescue Home provides psychosocial support to the girls to help them deal with the trauma. To do this we organize for guiding and counseling sessions and mentorship programs where the girls are mentored by Cana Girls alumnae who give testimonies that encourage the girls that future is bright.

The guidance and counseling sessions require trained professionals that Cana Girls Rescue Home cannot afford.


Advocacy and Anti FGM Campaigns

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