Promoting the Health of the Girls

The home will take strict measures to promote the health of all the girls and workers in the home. In particular, the management will ensure that the children can access medical services they may require. The girls in our home will be provide with proper and adequate sanitary facilities such as sanitary pads. All the people in the home will be given advice on personal health care issues.

Upon falling sick, the child in question will be seen by the matron to verify degree of illness. If the ill child requires medical attention, the matron will refer the case to the home nurse, if the home nurse cannot handle the case or incase the sickness persists, she shall seek for medical advice. There will be in the home suitable arrangements for the recording, handling. Safe keeping, safe administration and disposal of any medicines received into the home. The matron with the supervision of the home manager will ensure that any medicine which is kept in the home is stored in a secure place so as to prevent any child accommodated there having unsupervised access to it. They will also make sure that any medicine which is prescribed for a child is administered as prescribed, to the child for whom it is prescribed, and to no other child and that a written record is kept of the administration of any medicine to any child. The institution will also maintain environmental hygiene by making sure that all areas in the home are spotlessly clean. Mosquito nets will be provided for each child that is accommodated in the home.

The home will promote and support education for all the girls accommodated. This will be done by ensuring that they make use of the educational facilities in the home. This will be done in regard to their ages, ability needs and potential. A time table will be given to time to study on their own and do their homework under supervision. The management will take time to follow up on the progress of the children in the schools they attend. Contact and constant communication with these schools will be maintained.

The children who have attained the age where they no longer schooling, the home will assist them with vocational training and later with employment depending on the capability of the child.