The Cana Girls Rescue Home has a written policy and guidelines on admission of girls. In this document, CGRH has also provided procedures of emergency admissions. Emergency admissions involve those cases where the girls are traumatized. For more information, please ask for our policy and guidelines booklet.

The institution is intended to provide accommodation for more than twenty girls that is, forty in number. However, those girls will not stay in the home permanently. They will be returned to their parents or guardians’ home after going through the necessary counseling and rehabilitation process. This may take two or four years. The guardians and parents will have been educated and facilitated on how to live well with such a victim.

These children will be kept busy with learning, games, co-curricular activities, role modeling and discipline drills to enhance positive outcomes. To counter act any adverse effects arising from the big number, there is no room for idleness. A matron stays with them in their hostels at night. A timetable is drawn to make sure that no time is wasted.

The institution maintains total cleanliness around the compound, kitchen, hostels and toilets. Two huge water-tanks are installed to make sure that water is available at all times. The girls are also taught personal and environmental hygiene. Mosquito nets are provided for each child that is accommodated in the institution.

Formal and informal education is promoted in the institution. Two classrooms are available. Story books, Bibles and other textbooks are given to them according to their respective grades and ages.

Arrangements are made to promote children’s participation in recreational, sporting and cultural activities. Games equipment are availed to the children and some time will be set aside for games, music, debates, athletics, etc. The institution has large acreage of land which allow all these activities to take place within the institution.

Upon being accepted to the home or institution, the girls undergo a serious orientation program. It is during this time that they will come to know and understand how the institution operates. One institutional structure allows and enhances consultation at all levels. The girls will also be allowed to democratically choose their representative in all sectors of life, in the institution, that is games, meals and accommodation etc.