Recreational Activities

Promotion of children’s participation in recreational sporting and cultural activities.

Extra curriculum activities will be promoted in Cana Girls Rescue Home. The children shall be encouraged to develop and follow appropriate leisure activities. The management shall provide proper play, recreational and leisure facilities in the home. Time will also be allocated for children to play and participate in leisure activities.

Arrangements are also made to encourage and promotes popular sports, cultural activities and leisure. Games, music and debate will be allocated time in the home table.

Access to Information

Children accommodated in our home will be encouraged and facilitated to be in touch with outside world. The home will encourage the contact and communication between each child with his or her parents, relatives and friends. In achieving this, the home shall ensure that suitable facilities are available and time is specified at the home for the girls to meet their visitors privately. However, in the child’s contact and communication with the outside world. Where this is done, the reasons will be put down in the child’s records. The home management will make sure that such conditions or restrictions will not be used as a disciplinary measure against a child at any given moment.